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A small sample of some parts developed Mecanizados Cace
Our operatives carry out their work professionally to achieve the best results.
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Mechanized CACE, SL work for major sectors, pharmaceutical, food chemical industry, laboratories, packaging and machinery industry. We manufacture according to customer demand,prototypes, individual parts, short and long runs, and assembled units.

We work with different types of raw material, always certified and purchased from approved suppliers, steels, stainless steels,aluminum,engineering plastics, copper, brass etc. also to offer a full service outsource heat and surface treatments provided to approved suppliers.

Part Machining Cace

Part Machining Cace

In our engineering department we have the most advanced CAD-CAM-CAE software and translators of different levels.

For all manufacturing processes, our team of professional studies and presents the best proposal, develops plans, programs, roadmaps and processes, tools and determined to manufacture and establish plans for intermediate and final control.

Design of Machining Cace

Since 2003, Machined CACE, SL System has a certified Quality Management according to ISO 9001.

We are in continuous development, we invest in training and tools and latest machinery, one of our main goals is to continually improve our capabilities and results.

Our quality department has a long list of Measuring Instruments, all equipment is checked and calibrated according to our calibration plan. Some of our measuring instruments are:

3D video measuring machine TESA VISIO 300 GL CNC

Coordinate Measuring Machine CRYSA APEX C

Inside and outside micrometers

Gauges buffer P / NP cylindrical threaded



Clocks comparators